First Accomplishment!

Healthy Alternates

I used to always think that once something is unhealthy, it’s always going to be unhealthy. And no matter how many times you try to make it healthy, you fail at it making it somewhat healthy, but not very tasty at the same time. Like I said before, I am always up for trying new ideas..but I’m so scared of what the outcome may be. So I decided to take a friend’s recipe tonight and try to make a healthy recipe out of it.
The recipe is Pizza Casserole
Yea I know…
It sounds SO delicious, but  soooo unhealthy.
It really doesn’t have to be though. I’m happy that I made the choices I did.
I used vegetable rotini instead of the regular rotini pasta..along with skim mozz. cheese, TURKEY pepperoni, (It tastes the same, at least to me!) and heart healthy prego pizza sauce.

I’m going to go ahead and post the recipe at the end of the blog if anyone wants it.

I only had one serving of the casserole and I’m full because of the vegetable pasta noodles, and I’m not tempted to go back for seconds.  The best part was that it tasted like a pizza pasta casserole 🙂 If I were to guess on the serving totals.. 1 serving of the casserole was around 230 calories. Serve it with a side salad (light raspberry vinaigrette)..and you have a healthy dinner 🙂

Unfortunately, I still haven’t figured out how I’m going to incorporate healthy desserts into my daily diet. I’m a total sucker for chocolate items, along with ice cream, cake, and brownies. I’m not too crazy about peaches, blackberries, cherries, or blueberries…so my options when it comes to a fruit dessert is very small. Then you have the whip cream, the sprinkles, the icing, ect..ect to worry about along with that. So how do I make a healthy dessert without having the urge to add all the unnecessary extras on top of it?
Along with accomplishments, I still haven’t had a chance to go to my local Y to sign up, so I’m feeling rather disappointed about that. I’m really excited to get started on a daily regiment when it comes to my exercise routine. I have on the other hand, signed up with a weight loss community called Sparkpeople. (
It will help me with recipes, my goals, and my family meals. I have set aside specific goals for my weight loss journey, one of them to drink 8 glasses of water everyday. I have definitely slipped out of that routine ages ago and I need to get back into it.
Anyways…Will be posting my first weigh in next week.. But this will be the first time I’ve looked at a scale since November..yikes =/
Soo… this is going to be rather interesting.

Pizza Casserole

Preheat Oven to 400
9×13 baking casserole dish

1 box Ronzoni Garden Delight Rotini Noodles
1 jar vegetable hearty prego pizza sauce
armour turkey pepperoni slices
1 bag (2 cups) skim mozzarella cheese

Cook noodles until tender and drain
Add them to the casserole dish and mix in pizza sauce
Add a layer of pepperoni slices (how many you prefer)
spread the 2 cups of cheese over top evenly
Add one more layer of pepperoni on top

Bake for about 12-14 min, or until cheese is bubbly

Enjoy 🙂

The recipe calls for parm. cheese, but I cut it out bc it was too much


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